Campaign for Dopravny podnik (Bratislava’s public transport company) – 90th Anniwersary of buses in Bratislava

We like clients like Dopravny Podnik Bratislava. That’s why we were thrilled when we were asked to come up with the visual identity for the celebration of 90 years of buses in Bratislava.

This was an important milestone in the history of the town’s public transport, so the client was naturally inclined towards a retro approach. And since retro is the new modern, we really enjoyed our brainstorming sessions! The result is a well thought out, precise logo, set in a “stamp” in the shape of a cogwheel. The number 90 and a vintage bus in the middle along the “engraving” which reads “Anniversary of the bus transport in Bratislava” completes the image.

As a part of the visual identity we also created a set of multiple commemorative posters designed to introduce the timeline of changes in public transport in Bratislava to general public.

Key components of the timeline design were the individual milestones marked in red, chronologically ordered, accompanied with images taking up more than 50% of the poster size. Each poster represented a single milestone which means they worked both standalone as well as in a series, creating the timeline when put together.


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